Funny, that

I read so much… when I’m not busy with children; housekeeping; Face Booking; working; miscellaneous creative projects, or most of all recently- yes, writing. I read books on historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy fiction; some books in the way of biographical persuasion have also hit my shelves. I also read books on meditation, religion and philosophy, psychology, photography, different animals, how to better understand what you read, and how to write, among others. I read books that I hadn’t thought of since I was a child, since I now read to my kids. I look up information on line, and read up on subjects that peak my curiosity, and I am reading a lot of what is written here in WordPress, also.

 Some of us sound SO SMART when we write, it’s like we’re all geniuses. And then I do something like make a comment. It seems, then, that all that reading and logging information into that big ole’ computer of a brain just goes out the window. I make a pampering idiot of myself. Or perhaps I’m unintentionally condescending. Or perhaps I just didn’t get it and realize that I went on a tangent– just after hitting the “publish post” button.

So if you happen to read my comments, and just HAPPEN to come here, please know– as much of an idiot I seem, I’m not, really. I just get so excited when I see that someone else has the same voice– or perhaps a different voice, than mine, that I just can’t hide it. And I refuse to. Because one day, my idocy will really make someone feel good. Or laugh. Or just shake their head and grin. Whatever.

 I want you to know, however, that I have come to admire each and every one of you. I understand what it means to put who you are into words, and share it with strangers.  It is something that takes a certain kind of determination, maybe a titch of desperation, a strange combo of humility and pride, and perhaps a bit of naivete, as well …  as well as the deepest of needs- to connect in a meaningful way with others- that we all are driven to fulfill.

 I salute you, fellow readers, AND writers!


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