Author’s Note

Here is where I hope to pull out the stopper that keeps the creative flow bottled up inside.

I’ve been writing off and on for many years, but always kept it in a file that would inevitably get lost during the process of my crazy life, or just let it sit in some anonymous folder in my computer or laptop- gathering cyber-dust, perhaps?

As with many writers, inspiration has been difficult and I’ve made many excuses to put it off, what with three kids who are all young and very demanding (as children are meant to be at that age,) and a part-time job.

But no more, I say! I draw my line here, and ask for feedback from fellow amateur and professional authors alike, in the hopes of finding those stories that engage my imagination to the fullest, and exercise my ability to take you there as well.

So I shall say no more at this juncture. I will let you read and perhaps, over time, I shall be able to add many worlds here in this little space I like to call Locution Extrusion…  fits kinda nice-like on the tongue, you think?



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