Newbie Alert!

Well, I’ve gone and done it and begun to do the writing I always wanted to dedicate myself to. And why not? With so many ways and people to share it with, it really is my only goal… to write something fun, interesting, inspiring, daring, frightening — and share it. And it’s incredibly easy these days.

I enjoy constructive criticism… for example, if I use too many of these ……….. I totally understand, and let me know- sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with how things sound in my head and I forget my punctuation, although I DO attempt to go over things after the fact. If I’ve written something that doesn’t quite make sense to you, please fill me in so I can attempt better, more concise explanations to keep my readers “where they belong”– which is in the story, and not on the page, so to speak.

Thanks for checking things out! I pledge here on out, to check my Facebook AFTER my writing in the mornings, and not until then, and perhaps even get a bit creative in the evenings as well, after kiddos are in bed sleeping (or pretending to be.)

By the way, the first story I wrote, begun last night after seeing one of those “inspire me” photos WordPress likes to give you when you click on the option (didn’t know about that, didja? Okay, maybe it was just me…) I don’t have the photo, but it was a picture of a rusted safe in the middle of rubble… It’s funny how a story can start out as one thing, and end up as another, isn’t it?