Unfortunate Animal


   This is the story of Cathy, a desperate woman barely hanging on to life, trying to find a way to get herself and her son out of trouble. This is also the story of a couple of individuals, who if they had made different choices, would not have met their end this particular, stormy morning. Also, this is the story of a woman – Shayna – who usually suffered in silence and dignity; who just happened to be able to take advantage of poor Cathy’s temporary madness, and via the fame received, was able to accept the financial help she needed but would never have asked for. This is the story of random events, coinciding to make some people’s lives better, and shortening others.

   This is just a made-up story, wrapped up quickly as I wanted to move on to other projects, some of which are naught but a shiny thought scribbled down on a scrap of paper. I divided it up into 500-word/ish parts, to make it easier to read and find a place later, then redid this page to write a quick summary of what you’re about to get into. It’s not a happy tale. And I’m sure you’ll feel as I do, that there are some parts missing- I hope later to revisit these pages and expound the story into something more believable. Enjoy!

Part 1


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