Part 7

Part 6


Cathy’s son never knew the lengths to which her desperation to keep him had led her, and Roller inducted him in the ways of theivery and conning, finding marks and eventually, through a weird, misguided sense of familial responsibility, handed over his small-time operation to the boy.

Bob’s wife mourned for a while, but got on with her life, finding a man a couple years later who was less into his work and more into her family, which pleased her in the end. She’ll always visit Bob’s grave on his birthday and death day but she always blamed his death on his work.

Shayna ran to call the police. She ran past Cathy, who was screaming while she pounded the stranger over and over. She ran past poor Benny, whose life-blood pooled onto the floor under him. She dodged the sodas and soup cans, and pushed the three visiting customers out of the store. As she blubbered about what was going on, they all flipped open their cell phones and called 911. They saw flames inside, and two of the would-have-been customers walked her across the street- a quick walk. As they did so, the third man decided to have a look to see if he could help- there are heroes everywhere waiting for a job it seems- and that’s when the first explosion hit. He was blasted away from the scene, and other people quickly ran across the street to call someone. Two more smaller chemical explosions, and the entire building was up in flames with risk of spreading on either side.

Shayna was described as a hero. Uninjured, she managed to rescue three customers from a terrifying hostage situation, after escaping as a hostage herself. It was a little over-the-top for her, but she shrugged it off, knowing the media would play it the way they wanted. She hadn’t been feeling well, and when she told reporters this, she became the Cancer Hero, and all sorts of people suddenly began to create donation accounts for her and soon, she had the treatment she needed to begin a recovery.

As she began to feel better and do more in her life, she took up hobbies and teaching classes. But all she could do some days, when she looked in the mirror, was think about the look of animalistic fear in the other woman’s face, and remember that she, at one time, felt the same. We are all animals, she would think. Then she would look at her life, and be grateful that she wasn’t the one who was desperate. This time.


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