So after a few attempts at more of my short stories, even going through old works and hoping to breathe new life into them, I began to realize I started telling the same story in three different, shorter stories… I lost all the writing books I used to have, over the many years in between when I used to actually write and now, so I purchased a few more off of to read in bed with my phone… okay, six more. What can I say- I believe getting a well-rounded education in each subject of choice is important.

So many light bulbs went off. Here were SO many things I’d forgotten to use to help focus my writing. Things I’ve even instinctively done, but because I wasn’t focusing on it, those wonderful moments have been few and far between. My favorite game so far: The What If Game– what if your character was a–? what if the hero was a–? what if? What if? Wee! The ride gets fun, then!

Now I sit down and the sounds of glee coming from my bedroom where I keep my writing desk, sounds almost obscene. And really, it’s almost exquisite, that feeling of knowing you’re doing it right. I have to stop repeatedly for many things, and an hour or six isn’t usually possible in one of my days until night time- especially with kids home from school on vacation! So these tools and tips really help further what at first began as a simple exercise to revamp my writing abilities. I know there’s something more, here. Perhaps that something I always wanted to tell but stopped myself and wrote shorter sections for. Whatever it was that I stopped writing for, I’m not sure I remember… but I hope it never happens again!